Creating Customized Estate Plans For Charlotte-Area Clients

The sudden loss of a loved one can be a very hard thing for any family to go through. Not only will there be grieving over the loss, but there is also the difficult task of moving forward. When the individual has not left any guidance regarding how his or her property should be distributed after passing, families can be thrown into an even bigger crisis.

At Pinnacle Law, in Charlotte, we help North Carolina families and individuals with comprehensive estate planning. Whether you are starting a brand new plan, or want to review a plan that you currently have in place, we will provide you the guidance you need to be confident that your final wishes will be respected.

The Peace Of Mind That Estate Planning Provides

Every estate plan we create is designed for our client’s specific needs. That means we look at your concerns and discuss the best approach to achieve those goals. We help with many different aspects connected to estate planning, including:

  • Creating a will and any necessary trusts to pass along your property
  • Updating estate planning documents previously created due to a change in circumstances
  • Drafting advance directives regarding health care that you should receive if you are unable to express your wishes
  • Probating a loved one’s estate

We know that this is something that may not be the easiest thing to think or talk about, but it can really save your loved ones from a very difficult experience should you become incapacitated or pass away without an estate plan in place. You can give them the peace of mind of having the directions they need when the time comes to make hard choices.

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