Protecting Your Rights After A Financial Misstep

North Carolina is home to Charlotte, which is considered a financial hub. It is second to New York City here in the United States. With many major corporations, there are a lot of opportunities for professionals to make mistakes. Embezzlement and fraud cases often have a paper trail, which can be complicated and confusing. Pinnacle Law understands the legal system and can help you move forward.

Embezzlement Vs. Fraud: What’s The Difference?

When handling your case, it is important that you comprehend the charges against you. Embezzlement is when you have possession of someone else’s property, take that property for your own use and have no intention of giving it back. With regard to money, irrespective of it being a large amount of money at once or small amounts over a period of time, it is considered embezzlement. This can also be done with property.

Similarly, fraud is when you deceive someone for monetary or personal gain. In other words, if you purposely misrepresent something with the knowledge that it is false, you could be convicted of fraud. This usually results in the other party suffering from some sort of loss, whether it be money or property. It is easy to get tangled up in these situations, and we are here to help you through it. We will analyze your case and discuss all of the options you’re facing. We then can work toward the best possible solution.

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