Armed Robbery: What You Need To Know

Armed robbery cases can be extremely difficult. Because it is committed in front of a victim, the stakes are that much higher. It is often considered a felony due to the threat of violence. These cases require experienced representation. Pinnacle Law has helped clients throughout North Carolina when it matters most.

Defending Your Rights Every Step Of The Way

Because it is considered a felony, those facing armed robbery charges can be facing serious consequences. It can include prison time, probation or community service. Oftentimes, these cases go hand in hand with other crimes such as drug charges. We can handle all areas of your legal situation and help you determine how to best move forward.

It’s important to understand the charges you are facing. Armed robbery involves the taking or attempted taking of property, and it is done by force or threat of force. Even if you have a weapon and don’t use it, it is still considered an armed robbery. These cases can quickly become serious, so having an attorney you can talk to and trust is of the utmost importance.

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