If You Are Facing A Felony, We Can Help

Understanding the charges against you can be very difficult. If you or a loved one faces felony charges in Charlotte, Indian Trail or the surrounding area, it’s important that you speak with our seasoned felony defense lawyers as soon as possible. Pinnacle Law can provide you with qualified legal representation.

Knowing The Difference Between A Felony And A Misdemeanor

Crimes are typically broken out into two categories: felonies and misdemeanors. Felony charges are the most serious criminal charges in North Carolina. Although punishment for a felony depends on the felony class and your prior record level, a conviction often carries the consequence of jail time.

Unlike other states, North Carolina classifies felonies along a sentencing grid. The penalties that the accused faces depend on the class of felony and any previous convictions. Previous criminal convictions are given points based on their class. The total number of points determines a person’s record level. These all work together to determine the minimum and maximum sentencing length.

Depending on the class of the felony and any prior record, a convicted felon may not need to serve their active prison sentence. A judge may sentence you to house arrest, drug treatment, community service or another punishment. Protect your rights after felony charges by working with our defense attorney during this stressful time.

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