Charlotte Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charlotte Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Domestic violence is a serious accusation in North Carolina. These claims negatively affect employment, child custody, divorce, immigration and even personal relationships. Simply the allegation of domestic violence can be enough to forever tarnish a good name.

If you are facing accusations or charges of domestic violence, contact Pinnacle Law. Our team of Charlotte domestic violence attorneys provides a skillful defense to challenge allegations you may be facing. Clients choose to work with our defense attorneys because:

  • Jeremy Smith is board-certified in North Carolina state criminal defense law and a former assistant district attorney
  • We offer a personalized approach to every case we take on
  • Our firm has the necessary resources to handle any situation
  • We serve clients from two convenient locations in Charlotte and Indian Trail
  • We can offer convenient payment plans for criminal defense cases

Facing domestic violence charges? Speak with our team in a consultation. Call 704-625-0691 today.

Penalties For Domestic Violence in North Carolina

Criminal domestic violence charges are often in the form of a domestic violence protection order (DVPO) violation or assault on another person. A DVPO is a civil order that prevents contact between a plaintiff and defendant. Generally, a DVPO also includes restrictions on the defendant such as a prohibition on possessing, receiving, or purchasing firearms.

A violation of the terms of a DVPO can be either a misdemeanor carrying up to 60 days in jail or a felony with up to six months in prison. Other criminal charges such as an assault on a female or harassment may affect the outcome of a pending civil domestic violence case. Even the first offense has the legal possibility of jail time. These cases are extremely serious, but with good legal representation, these consequences can be minimized and sometimes eliminated.

Contact Our Charlotte, NC Domestic Violence Lawyers Today

Prosecutors rarely care about the circumstances of your case and most often see anyone that crosses their path as a criminal. Take immediate action when you are accused of a crime or facing a domestic violence investigation. There is too much to lose without trusted Charlotte domestic violence attorneys on your side. We can fight to protect your rights under the law and strive to reduce or eliminate any charges against you.

Contact Pinnacle Law at 704-625-0691 or online to speak with our Charlotte domestic violence attorneys.



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