What should you do if your child gets in trouble with the law?


If your child gets into trouble with the police because of committing a crime or offense, it’s important that you know what to do. As a parent, the way you react and handle this situation will have a significant impact on the outcome.

Before your child ever gets into trouble, it’s smart for you to talk to them about respecting the police and knowing some of their basic rights, like not having to talk about what they’re accused of or being able to ask to call a parent or attorney. If your child does get into trouble before you can have this conversation, then you need to take steps to protect them as quickly as you can.


If your child is accused of committing a crime, your first action has to be to speak with the police and ask what your child is accused of. You will also want to find out if your child is in custody. If you speak with your child, tell them to say nothing else except to ask for a lawyer to be present.

If it is the case that they are being held at the police station, then you should contact an attorney right away. Find someone who is skilled in juvenile law, because you will need to know the kinds of penalties that your child could face and the possible defenses that they could use.

Try not to take action on your own without finding out more about your legal options. It’s possible that the police won’t tell you why your child is in trouble or if they’re under investigation, so it’s necessary to have someone there with you to help you get the full story. Good communication will be key as you try to help your child through this situation.

You should be sure to inform the attorney if your child has special needs, which could end up affecting the case and their right to bail or release. With your attorney, you may be able to seek your child’s release into your custody.

This is a complex situation, but with the right help, you can move forward.