As the nation continues to loosen its stance against the possession and use of marijuana, many people are confused about what is currently legal and what is not. In North Carolina, marijuana laws have become less harsh than they were in the past, but the substance remains illegal.

Sometimes, those arrested on drug charges do not face severe consequences. For example, a misdemeanor marijuana conviction may result in a fine and up to 45 days in jail. To many, this is an acceptable risk. However, make sure you understand federal drug laws before you accept the risk of using controlled substances.


Since federal authorities pursue convictions at their discretion, you never know when accusations of your involvement in federal crimes may arise. Federal drug possession cases involving large amounts of illegal substances affect many North Carolina residents. Federal charges may also be brought for involvement in the following activities:

  • Federal drug trafficking charges often arise after an arrest for moving significant amounts of controlled substances.
  • Charges on the federal level may also occur if you are arrested for manufacturing or cultivating illicit substances, including cannabis.
  • Selling or distributing illegal materials could result in federal charges depending upon the amount involved and where the crime occurred (near a school, for example).

Federal crimes require a solid criminal defense. If the authorities try to build a case against you, they will almost certainly adopt an aggressive approach. You will need a staunch advocate to act on your behalf if you wish to avoid severe consequences like prison time and expensive fines.

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