Holiday activities include festive gatherings with family and friends, gift exchanges, and being merry and jolly all season long. Additionally, the festivities also include alcohol consumption, which is why there is an increase in fatal drunk driving accidents and DWI arrests every year.

Since tens of millions of people will hit the roads over the holidays, police departments throughout North Carolina and all over the United States will increase their patrols throughout the evenings and set up DWI checkpoints to deter intoxicated driving and keep other motorists safe. Fortunately, there are many ways you can avoid spending your holiday season in jail.

The following are five ways to avoid a DWI during the holidays:

  • Avoid drinking – You can’t get arrested for a DWI if you remain sober throughout the entire event. Furthermore, you can be a designated driver (DD) for anyone who needs a safe ride home.
  • Get a DD – If you plan on drinking at an event, ask a friend to be your DD. Make sure he/she is trustworthy and can avoid succumbing to peer pressure to participate in the festivities from others.
  • Request a ride from Lyft or Uber – If you can’t find a DD or the person who’s supposed to be your ride has a few drinks, you can always use a ridesharing app to request a ride home. Keep in mind, surge pricing often applies on weekends and holidays like New Year’s Day.
  • Sleepover at a friend’s place or book a hotel room – If the holiday event is far from your home, but close to a friend’s home, ask him/her if you can spend the night and save you a long trip home. If you don’t anyone who lives nearby, booking a hotel room within walking distance is the next best option.
  • Throw a party at your place – Hosting a holiday event can help you avoid leaving your home. Ensure there is plenty of space available for guests to spend the night and arrange rides for those who do not plan to sleep over.

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