Could a company credit card lead to allegations of embezzlement?

A company credit card can be a perk or a necessity depending on the kind of job you do. If you travel on behalf of your company, a card is often necessary to cover lodging, transportation expenses and food. Even if you work in a managerial position, a card can make it easier for you to buy supplies for your workers or otherwise perform necessary duties.

However, with those benefits comes certain risks. Having a credit card in your pocket that you don’t have to pay the bill for can be a major temptation. People who would never dream of actually stealing from their employers could find themselves accused of embezzlement because of how they used a company credit card.

Embezzlement involves any misuse or misappropriation of company assets

Most people picture an accountant siphoning money off into their own account when they think about embezzlement. Others might imagine a cashier sneaking money out of the cash register or someone taking products from the store where they work. All of those do constitute embezzlement.

However, credit card misuse can be embezzlement too. Using a company card to purchase new clothing for yourself, to go on a date or to buy furniture for your house could all seem like a harmless offense because the company has the resources to pay. You might assume it’s just a perk that comes with your job.

When your employer eventually notice the issues with how you use the company card, they may demand repayment or even try to prosecute you. Understanding what constitutes embezzlement can help you respond appropriately if your employer alleges that you stole from them.