Working conditions can lead to embezzlement

Embezzlement is a more complex form of theft. It is typically financial — stealing cash, not physical assets — and it revolves around workers who think they can cover up that theft. It’s not just taking money and hoping no one notices. Instead, it could be a complex scheme by a company’s accountant to siphon money out of an account and then use paperwork to cover it up.

Even as the actions themselves grow complicated, the root cause of those actions may be very simple. In many cases, employees who steal from work are dealing with working conditions they do not like, and the theft is a response to those conditions.

The four main conditions

According to some reports, these are the four most common conditions that lead to theft:

  1. The employees believe that no one will notice, since oversight is lax.
  2. The employees do not think they are getting paid enough for the work that they do.
  3. The employees have purchases they would like to make, but they cannot afford them.
  4. The boss is rude to the employees.

What all of these issues do is to create either an opportunity or animosity between the employee and the company — or both. When employees start viewing the company as an opponent, then it’s easier for them to take these actions — and even feel justified. A worker who has been underpaid for decades may not even consider theft wrong, but just a way to even the score.

Are you facing embezzlement charges?

No matter why it happens, embezzlement is still a crime, as is any type of theft from work. Those facing charges should know what defense options they have.